Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment


Oracle Pest Control Co. is the leading Service provider of Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment in Chirag Delhi Lajpat Nagar Vasant Vihar. Plant protection is very important aspects of farmhouse. The mist spary reaches in every leaf and Coats it with insecticide which helps it longevity and protects.

Three Stages:
First Stage: Treat sides and bottom portion of foundation, trenches and pits with solution upto 30cm height at the rate of 5 lit. Per square meter of surface area.

Second Stage: Treat refill earth on both sides of the built-up walls with solution at the rate of 7.5 lit. Per square meter of vertical surface of the substructure.

Third Stage: before laying the floor, treat top surface of the earth within the plinth wall with solution at the rate of 5 lit. Per square meter.

New Construction